What’s the Dashboard, and how do I find it?

Orienting Yourself

There are two sides to every WordPress blog:

1) The public side, or “front end,” is what users see when they type in your URL.  Right now you are viewing the front end of the QWriting Help blog.  The URL, or web address, of your blog is determined by the domain name you chose when you created your blog.  For example, if the domain you specified is “myblog”, your URL will be the following:


If you didn’t specify a domain, and your username was janedoe, then your blog address is probably as follows:


2) The Dashboard is the “back end” or administrative area of your blog.  This is a private section of the blog, accessible only to you and other users on your blog, through which you can add and edit content and functionality, and change the blog’s appearance.  The Dashboard is where you post on a blog.

Finding your Dashboard

If you are only a member of one blog, you will find yourself on the Dashboard of that blog when you log into QWriting.

If you have, or are a member of multiple blogs and you log in through qwriting.qc.cuny.edu rather than a specific blog, you will see a screen asking you to choose which blog you wish to access.  Click on the Visit Dashboard link next to the blog you wish to access:

You can also access your blog’s Dashboard by typing in your blog’s URL, or web address, to get to the “front end” of the blog, and look for a link that says Site Admin. If you can’t find a Site Admin link, just enter the words /wp-admin after your blog’s URL. For example,


If you are logged into QWriting you will be taken to your Dashboard, and if you are not logged in you will be asked to sign in.  Sign in with your Qwriting username and password, and you will be taken to your Dashboard.

Bear in mind that many students and professors have more than one blog, and that while the front end of each blog may be very distinct, depending on its theme, their dashboards will be almost identical.  If you have blogged or are blogging in other classes, be sure you are viewing the dashboard for the site you want to modify before you begin posting.  There are two places to double check this:  you can either look at the URL, or look in the upper left hand corner of your dashboard, where the blog’s title will appear, as pictured below.

Guide to the Dashboard

You will use the menu on the left of the Dashboard (circled above) to add posts, pages, and functionality to your blog.

The grey toolbar at the top provides many useful functions:

  1. The dropdown with your username allows you to edit your profile or log out.
  2. My Sites provides access to all your blogs.
  3. Visit Site allows you to view the “front end” or public facing side of your blog.
  4. From the Add New dropdown, you can quickly add a new post or page.

(Parts of this page lifted, with permission, from umwblogs.org.)

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