What is a blog?

As the name suggests (blog is short for weblog), a blog is an electronic, public journal. The ease with which they are created and maintained has led to a proliferation of blogs on nearly every subject. A common feature of these sites is their interactivity; many bloggers encourage readers to comment on – that is, to post public responses to – their entries. The provided links explain blogs in greater depth and list some notable blogs on a variety of subjects.

Wikipedia entry on blogs
A detailed discussion of blogs, including their history and influence in contemporary media and journalism.

Blogs 101
A selection of popular and interesting blogs, as chosen by The New York Times.

An exhaustive blog repository, featuring a searchable database and a Top 100 list.

WordPress.org: Introduction to Blogging
An introduction to blogging by WordPress.org, the software that runs QWriting.

All QWriting blogs are created using a software called WordPress, which is installed on the QWriting server.  WordPress is a Content Management System, which means, essentially, that it allows users to add content quickly and easily to a pre-existing online template.  As a publishing tool, WordPress is very versatile, enabling the user to create works that incorporate not only text and images, but sounds, video, and hyperlinks to other websites.

WordPress a better LMS
A post on the Prof. Hacker blog about why WordPress can be a great alternative to Learning Management Systems (LMSs), such as Blackboard.


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