Uploading pdf, doc, and other documents

Uploading a document is a lot like uploading an image. On the New Post or New Page screen, click the fourth Add Media button.

On the screen that appears, you can choose to upload files from your computer, link to the URL of an image on another website, or choose a file you have already uploaded to your blog’s media library.

If uploading from your computer, click the Select Files button, browse your computer for the file you’d like to upload, and Upload.  You will see the upload progress, and once it is finished, the screen pictured below.

Most of the fields on this screen are optional.  Title refers to the text that will link to the file, as pictured below. Important: Make sure that the Link URL box is filled in with a URL. If it’s not, click on the File URL button.

When you’re ready, click Insert into Post (not Save all changes!).  Your file will be linked to the text you specified as the Title, as shown below.


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