RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and it is an easy way to pull content from a news site, blog or other content source.  Keeping Up Online: an Intro to RSS is a helpful blog post over at Prof. Hacker.  You can also read the Wikipedia entry for more information.

Displaying an RSS feed on your blog

To display the RSS feed from another site in your blog’s sidebar, you will need to add the RSS widget (click here for more information on adding widgets to your sidebar).

To add a feed, go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and drag the RSS Widget to your sidebar. A series of additional options will appear (see screenshot below). Enter the URL, and title of the feed if you wish. You can also choose how many items you want to display in the feed. When you’re finished, click Save.

Blogs, news sites, and many other content sites have RSS feeds. You can look on the site for the feed URL, which is usually denoted by this symbol:

Or, you can do a web search for the name of the site + RSS.

If you want blog users to be able to subscribe to your RSS feed, or if you want to subscribe to others’, the feed URL is your blog URL appended by “/feed”. So, for example:

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