Preventing Spam

Qwriting has a plugin enabled called Akismet, which prevents most comment spam.  However, there are additional steps you can take to make sure spammers can’t get through in other ways.

Managing Comments

While Akismet will take care of comment spam from bots, occasionally spammers might be real people who seem to be writing actual (though strange) comments, including a link to the site they are promoting.  This is not a regular occurrence on Qwriting blogs, but it might happen from time to time.

If you notice such a comment you can mark it as spam and delete.  To do so, go to Dashboard > Comments.  Hover your mouse over the comment you want to delete or mark as spam, and choose “Spam” or “Trash.”

Discussion Settings

One way to prevent comment spam while still allowing Qwriting members to comment is to restrict comments to users who are logged into Qwriting.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion.  Under the section “Other comment settings” check the box next to “Users must be registered and logged in to comment.”

You can read more about Discussion Settings here.

Add Link Widget

If you are using the Add Link widget widget, be sure to use a password!  Please read the instructions here.

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