Making your blog (post) private

By default, your site is visible to anyone in the world. You can change the privacy settings in several ways.

  1. Changing your entire site’s privacy level. Under Dashboard > Settings > Privacy, there are five settings. The first (and default) setting allows anyone, including search engines like Google, to find your site. The second option leaves the site open to anyone, but keeps it out of Google searches. The third, fourth, and fifth options restrict access to your site even further. Please check with your instructor before choosing one of these more restrictive privacy levels.
  2. Protecting a single post or page. Maybe there’s a single entry you’d like to protect. In the Publish box (on Posts > Add New), find the line that says “Visibility”. By default, it says “Public”. Choose “password protected” to make it visible only to people with whom you’ve shared the custom password. Choose “Private” to make it visible only to Editors and Administrators on your blog – but be aware that, by default, that only includes you.

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