Links Widget

The links widget allows you to display a list of links to external sites, and/or other Qwriting blogs, in the sidebar of your blog, such as the example shown below.

You can add and edit links yourself, or for a class blogroll professors can use the Add Links widget, which will allow students to add links to their blogs, and students can use the “shared blogroll” widget to automatically include the same list of links in the sidebars of their blogs.

Adding the Links Widget

To add the Links widget, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets, locate the Links widget and drag it to your sidebar.  You will see the settings shown below.  Choose from the dropdown the name of the Link Category you would like to include (or All Links, to display multiple categories), and click Save.

Link Categories

You can organize links by category so that you can group the links you display by multiple categories.  In the example pictured above, the link categories include “course blogroll,” “helpful links,” and “news.”

To add a new link category, go to Dashboard > Links > Link Categories.  Add the category name, and click Add New Link Category.

When you add a new link, you can select the category, or edit a link to add a category to an existing link.


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