Importing and Exporting Content

You can export all the content on your site–posts, pages, comments, media, etc–to a single file, which you can then import into any other WordPress site. It is also a great way to archive or back up your site.  You can import other formats as well, such as Moveable Type and TypePad, Blogger, and LiveJournal into your WordPress site.

Exporting WordPress site content

The first step is to export the content from the existing site.

1. Go to your Dashboard > Tools > Export

2. Choose the type of content you want to export (All content (including posts, pages, comments, and custom menus), or just posts or pages) and click on “Download Export File.”  If you want to import any custom menus or fields you should choose all content.

3. An XML file will be downloaded to your computer, named “SiteName.wordpress.Year-Month-DayOfExport.XML”.  You can save this file as a backup or archive of your site’s content and import it into another site at any time.

Importing WordPress site content

1. In the Dashboard of the site into which you are importing content go to Tools > Import. In the list that appears, click on WordPress.

2. Click on Browse to find the .XML file you exported from your old site, and then click Upload file and import. If you want to include any files attached to any of the pages (images, word docs, pdfs, etc) to be imported, check the box for “Download and import file attachments.” Click Submit.  You can also choose to assign posts to a particular user.

When it’s finished, you see the message “All done. Have fun!” displayed.

If you chose to import all content and you have custom menus you want to use, the menus will be imported, but you will have to go to Appearance > Menus and choose your menu in the Theme Locations box in the upper left hand corner. If you only chose to import Pages or Posts, you will need to create new custom menus, if you use them.

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