Creating a blogroll: Instructors

Do you want to create a blogroll, containing links to all of your students’ blogs? Start by creating a new link category, such as “Class Blogroll”.

A. Go to Dashboard > Links > Links Categories, and add it there.

B. Next, you’ll need to add links to your students’ blogs into the Links section of your Dashboard.

There are two methods.

  1. The hard way: Do it yourself. Under Dashboard > Links > Add New, you can add links one by one to the category you just created.
  2. The easy way: Have your students add themselves . Display an Add Link widget in the sidebar of your course blog where students can enter their own links  Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and drag the “Add Link” widget to the sidebar on the right. (See additional instructions here) We strongly suggest you use password protection in order to make sure spammers do not add links to your blog.  Just be sure to give the password to your students.  In the widget options, be sure to select your new Class Blogroll category from the dropdown. Then instruct your students to visit your blog and enter their names and their URLs. Their links will automatically be added to the blogroll.

C. In order to display the blogroll on your homepage, you’ll need to add a Links widget. From Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets, locate the Links widget and drag it to your sidebar.  You will see the settings shown below.  Choose from the dropdown the name of the Link Category you just created and click Save.

In order for your students to display the course blogroll on their blogs, they’ll need to add a Shared Blogroll widget, using the ID number of your blog. You’ll have to give them the ID number, which you can find by looking at the top of your Dashboard page:

For more detailed instructions to give to your students, click here.

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