Adding a widget to your sidebar

Widgets are tools you can include on your blog to add different kinds of functionality.  There are already widgets built into some themes and you can also add and remove widgets.  Widgets usually appear in your blog’s sidebar, but some themes allow widgets in other areas, such as the footer.

Some examples of widgets include:

  • Recent Comments (or Posts): Displays a list of recent comments or posts in your sidebar
  • Links: displays a list of links to other blogs or websites
  • Search: displays a search box visitors can use to search for content on your site

To add a widget to your blog:

1. Go to your Dashboard, and in the left menu, go to Appearance > Widgets.
2. Locate the widget you’d like to include, then drag it over to the desired widget area (or sidebar, depending on your theme).

Configuring Your Widgets

Each widget allows you to customize its settings. When you first add a widget, it should automatically display these settings.  Or, to access the settings, click on the triangle on the right side to expand the widget options.

Each widget has different options, but the example above shows the Recent Comments widget.

Make sure to click the Save button after you finish configuring the settings.  Clicking the Close link will minimize the configuration options.

Removing Widgets

If you’d like to remove a widget from your sidebar, click the Delete link in the settings options.  Doing so will delete any of your settings. If you would like to remove the widget but preserve the settings, drag it from your sidebar to the Inactive Widgets area below the Available Widgets.

Watch the video below to see what is described above in action.

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